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This is my Favorite Piece

Posted on 11 May 2016

In addition to her thriving fashion label, the co-founder of a growing global shop, Sobo Fashion, which sells beautiful customizable handbags, unique glasses and fashion accessories made by artisans in developing nations. Today, she gives us a look at her favorite pieces from The Sobo collection of bags.

With the weather getting warmer, wanderlust is setting in! We just got back from Hong Kong and are already thinking about our next adventure. Our EVA bags are perfect for a quick weekend getaway or a global adventure. Anytime we travel to a destination with markets, we pack a Sobo bag so we can fill it with treasures to bring home.

The Sobo handbags are handmade from the recycled EVA -Ethylene Vinyl Acetate which is a modern, lightweight material that is guaranteed not to discolor from the sun and is scratch resistant. To add a hint of color, texture and personality, we offer various trim options made of stunning alcantara and velvet. By choosing unique colors and personally customizing your bag, you can show off the woman inside you.



The Sandy Bag

Chic in the city. Classic and modern with polished eco leather handles.
Trim made of super popular, in season velvet which can be removed if so desired.

Style: Tote
Body Color: Iced Coffee
Handles: Eco-Leather in Beige, 29" long
Trim: Velvet in Nude

Trim can be removed as per preference

The body is made of EVA foam rubber. Similar to yoga mats, it's a "soft-touch" colored material, which is flexible, resilient, waterproof and light weight. Very eco-friendly and easy to keep clean making for a very functional bag.


Measurements: 16" long, 12.5" tall, 5" wide

Bag in the photo is available on

text by: Jola W. Murgas murgasdesign

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