Create Your Own Sobo Bag at Sobo Fashion


Fully Custom Handbags!


Create your own handbag by first choosing the body. We currently have 12 different colors to choose from. Click the first picture to see all of the bodys available.

Secondly, at minimum, you need a set of handles. These are easily removable and interchangeable. Choose from our wide variety of handles by clicking on the second picture of the handles.

Finally, accessorize even further by choosing a trim piece. Choices are between Alcantara, Velvet and even Fur. Select the last picture of the trim piece to see what we have to offer.


Combining all of these together will complete the bag to your very liking.
But don't stop there. Go bold and get a few sets of handles and trim pieces so that you can accessorize the bag in whichever way you want! It only takes 5 minutes to change the complete look of the bag. 

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