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Sobo Handbags Stay Timeless and Trendy with Customizable Design

Posted on 15 August 2016

We all can appreciate a tote. It’s big enough to carry practically any personal item, yet cute enough for casual wear. But, have you ever come across a tote stylish enough to go instantly from day to night? We haven’t. That’s why we decided to design the Sobo handbag.


Our Sobo handbags are meant to accommodate any outfit. It has interchangeable features that can be swapped anytime to create a different look! So basically, YOU get to customize the handbag to your preference. This allows you to flaunt a tote that adheres to any style, whether it's edgy, classy, feminine, or bohemian. How amazing is that?


The best part about our Sobo handbag is that no matter the customized outcome, it will always coincide with current fashion trends. Here are three ways you can customize your Sobo handbag according to the hottest crazes in the luxury handbag industry.


Multiple Handle Choices

The Sobo handbag handles are available in multiple trending characteristics such as chain accents, thick leather, and rope concepts. Ladies can select which handle they’d like to apply to their handbag depending on their style preference or favorite look!




Body and Trim Color Combinations

The fashion industry boasts an appealing color palette that highly influences handbag designs. Sobo Fashion is no different! Our handbag bodies and trims come available in over ten colors that continue to dominate style. The body can be worn alone with handles or paired with a corresponding trim - it’s all about how you customize it! The colors include shades such as beige, buttercup, snorkel blue, and rose quartz.




Slouchy, Comfortable Structure

The runway says it all, and one fad that continues to resonate across this year’s shows are oversized, relaxed totes. The Sobo handbag meets the criteria, with its roomy, wide body and selection of soft, flexible colored handles. Fashion enthusiasts adore the slouchy bag look because it conveniently carries lots of essentials and looks appealing. Running errands during the day or out on the town with the girls, the Sobo handbag is all you need!




Our Sobo handbags fit in with today’s fashion trends depending on how you customize them! Itching to get your hands on one of your own? Create your Sobo handbag today by shopping at our online store, Make your tote from scratch or choose one from our already designed top picks.


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