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  • The Carnolite Set - Iced Coffee Body With Caramel Trim and Short Beige Genuine Leather Handles
  • Sobo Fashion Iced Coffee Body
  • Sobo Fashion Caramel Alcantara Trim
  • Sobo Fashion Short Beige Genuine Leather Handles

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$46.00 $126.00


The Carnolite Bag

Ideal for every day carrying. This nude color will make you look very elegant, classy and sophisticated all at once.
Equipped with genuine leather handles finished off with a fine raw edge.
If that's not quite enough, this bag sports the hottest trim we offer made of Alcantara.


Style: Tote
Body Color: Iced Coffee
Handles: Genuine Leather in Beige, 21" long
Trim: Alcantara in Caramel

Trim can be removed as per preference


The body is made of EVA foam rubber. Similar to yoga mats, it's a "soft-touch" colored material, which is flexible, resilient, waterproof and light weight. Very eco-friendly and easy to keep clean making for a very functional bag.

Measurements: 16" long, 12.5" tall, 5" wide

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