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Top summer handbags favorites, summer Pantone color trends of 2016

Posted on 30 May 2016

Top summer handbags favorites, summer Pantone color trends ! 
Sobo handbag sets to carry even when you're not at the beach. Fashion totes, beach bags, summer handbags scream good vibes and sunshine​, but you don't have to wait until July to carry them. Sobo invites you to try the new summer pantone colored fashion handbags. Wear one to work, another while running errands, or even use one as your gym bag. You can then customize into an evening bag by adding a chain or leather handles!  Their colorful fringe and adorable customizable handles and trims are guaranteed to make an impression of your originality. You can design your own bag or choose from one of our favorites that we put together.


When deciding what to wear this summer season I have noticed an obvious emerging style of pairing secondary colors together in outfits as well as in accessories. Sobo summer line is presenting handbags in the newest Pantone colors:  Rose Quartz, Serenity, Snorkel Blue, Fiesta, Green Flash, Buttercup, and Iced Coffee with numerous customizable options like white and black rope handles, fashion handles, metal chains. All while keeping other colors like Beige, Green, Dark Blue, Black throughout your outfit as well.
I love this collection since it combines the various summer colors, classic silhouettes and simple styles of the summer.

Sobo bag blends everything into one easy stylish and colorful fashionista trend. Perfect summer colors this season seem to be cooler and warmer hues, which are somewhat reminiscent of nature. Many fashion world handbags designers have adopted a more ethereal look this summer, using understated bright and pale pastels to achieve that dreamlike hazy aura.

I personally preffer the brighter tones of bluish and yellowish color most likely because they remind me of water and evoke a feeling of calmness.
At the end of the day, regardless of which colors seem to be in style or trending in the fashion world, you need to feel comfortable and fearless in whichever bag color you decide to wear. 
Bags in the photo are available on the ready to wear section.


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