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Posted on 13 June 2016


Fashion is equal to Art and it should always make a statement.

Companies like Sobo Fashion, LLC initiated their way into the fashion industry because in the hungry visual consumer market, Sobo Fashion established their brand by launchingmultifunction handbag.

It's a fashion world and customized handbags sell online.



The collective consciousness of planet awareness brings a new dimension to fashion and therefore the idea of using leather goods is no longer desirable to the vast majority. Leather goods are more durable than most fabrics, but add a lot of cost to the manufacturing of the product. That is why Sobo is very competitive in the market. In the quick, changing and useable era that we live in, a new product entering the market need to be amazing to look at and practical to use.  Sobo Fashion LLC believes that busy, modern woman needs a multi-purpose, fashion handbag, without overpaying. Its functionality is overwhelming.

Loyalty to leather bags is a thing of the past as Sobo Fashion introduces their EVA handbag

Fashion handbags for less - it is a beneficiary market base. To give the consumer the power to accessorize makes it possible to add personalized art into every fashion composition. 

You decide on your appearance and create the look you desire.

The consumers need a handbag to be trendy and functional. Sobo handbags and accessories open a whole new field enabling the consumer to add charming handles or trim. We give the consumer a voice to enhance their personalized fashion on the product.


author: Jola W. Murgas marketing specialist


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